7 things you should know about addiction

Addiction Rehab is Broken

Did you know 192 people die in America every day from drug overdose?

That means 192 families lose someone every day. Survivors of people lost to drug addiction share their stories on the Addiction Policy Forum website to increase awareness. What these families learned could help save the life of someone you love.

1. Don’t ignore signs.

Families often realize in hindsight that signs were there.

“At first we didn’t see the signs, but we began to notice his moodiness, saying he was doing one thing but finding out later he was doing something else. I wish I had known what to look for,” explains Katie, who lost her brother Zachary when he was just 24.

Moodiness may seem typical for adolescents, but these behaviors can signal addiction. Sudden mood changes, depression, or hostility could be signs someone is struggling with substance abuse — at any age. If you suspect something is wrong, seek help.

2. Don’t wait for rock bottom.

The earlier someone begins treatment, the better.

“People are told the disease has to ‘run its course’ and to practice ‘tough love’ until they hit rock bottom. Now with fentanyl, rock bottom was a fatal overdose,” shares Justin, who lost her son Aaron at age 20.

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