Addiction Can Happen To Anybody

Thirty-four adults celebrated recovery on Friday as Hennepin County Drug Court (Minneapolis, MN) recognized them during a graduation ceremony.

The drug court program aims to break the cycle of chemical dependency and crime for nonviolent offenders.

Lindsay Arf has been sober for three years and two months – almost as long as she was in the Hennepin County Drug Court program.

“The only way to get sober was to go through treatment and get help,” Arf said.

Arf battled drug addiction for 12 years. After she got arrested, she knew something had to change.

“My charge had nothing to do with drugs, but I asked for it and they gave it to me because I would not have gotten that charge if I wasn’t high,” Arf said.

Now, she works for a nonprofit helping women get out of sex trafficking, and she’s also a public speaker. She learned to share her story in the program.