Addiction services reach fewer people

In its annual report on those in treatment for addiction, it said: “There were an estimated 589,101 adults with alcohol dependency in need of specialist treatment in 2016-2017. These alcohol dependency estimates have remained relatively stable over the last five years, which suggests that the falls in the numbers of alcohol-dependent people accessing treatment do not reflect a fall in prevalence.”

The charity Addaction said a “shamefully small” proportion of people affected were receiving treatment and people in real need were being denied help. “The system as it stands is not supporting nearly enough people. We’re reaching a shamefully small fraction of those who need help,” said Steve Moffatt, its public policy manager.

“The situation in terms of funding has been very tough for quite a few years and it’s time to protect and invest in alcohol treatment services.” More help needed to be made available online, especially to help younger alcohol addicts who preferred to be supported that way, added Moffatt.