Ask for help

Fayette County resident Jacob Wilson, 25, has never been someone who likes to ask for help. After nine years of abusing heroin, however, he knew he needed to change his life.

He said he realized “all the people I’ve hurt that care about me. I was also living on the streets and that’s no life for a person. I’ve also lost a lot of friends through drug use.” In addition, after being revived from overdoses by Narcan four times, he “knew if I didn’t do something I was going to die.” So, Wilson reached out to an aunt who took him to the hospital and, from there, he went to treatment at the Floyd Simantel Clinic in Chillicothe.

Wilson completed a 90-day drug and alcohol treatment program and is now enrolled in the clinic’s mental health program.

Once he completes this program he plans to continue his treatment at Oaks Recovery in South Carolina. The cost of this treatment will be covered by a scholarship he received at the CommUNITY event on Aug. 27 in Fayette County. During this event, about 25o people came together at the Bible Baptist Temple to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and to share stories of hope and recovery. After the event, five individuals were awarded treatment scholarships worth a combined value of over $100,000.