Milwaukee helping teens

The Adolescent Recovery Program (ARP) was created by Rodgers Behavioral Health to help teens struggling with addiction and keep them from overdosing from an opioid or another form of substance abuse. Between 2012 and 2016, 17 adolescents died of drug-related overdoses in the city. In 2016, 2 percent of drug overdoses deaths in Milwaukee were… Continue reading Milwaukee helping teens

Alcohol abuse prevalent than opioid abuse

Opioid abuse is a front-of-mind topic for many communities. But statistics show that across the country, more people are impacted by alcohol abuse. There were 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016, according to the Center for Disease Control. In October of 2017, President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a “public health emergency.” Four months… Continue reading Alcohol abuse prevalent than opioid abuse

Virtual reality world offers drug addicts low-risk place

Opioid addicts and others battling compulsion around drugs or alcohol are using a new high-tech, low-risk method to practice saying no—through virtual reality. “If you design the virtual environment to be therapeutic, you can allow them to escape a real environment, which has tons of cues that are encouraging addicts to use drugs or alcohol,”… Continue reading Virtual reality world offers drug addicts low-risk place

Drugs or alcohol factor into half of Texas child abuse

The number of Texas children dying from abuse and neglect decreased by 22.5 percent in the fiscal year 2017, according to a state report, but drug and alcohol use among caregivers is still leading to deaths from trauma, accidental smothering while sleeping and auto accidents, among other causes. “It’s going to be legal soon.” “Everyone… Continue reading Drugs or alcohol factor into half of Texas child abuse

Women experience addiction differently than men

March celebrates female achievement: not only is it Women’s History Month but March 8th was International Women’s Day. Today, women worldwide have amassed unprecedented success, becoming billionaires, filmmakers, trauma surgeons and Nobel laureates. Many famous women including Joan Crawford and Lady Gaga were born in March. Despite historic success by the everyday and celebrity woman,… Continue reading Women experience addiction differently than men

Robbed while getting help

The moment someone addicted to alcohol, opioids, or other drugs decides to seek treatment is pivotal. But the next step — finding help — could be fraught with hazards. “The addiction treatment industry has become very predatory as a whole,” says Michael E. Schatman, PhD, director of research and network development at Boston Pain Care. “The… Continue reading Robbed while getting help

Future Now Detox launches comprehensive addiction website

West Palm Beach, FL, March 14, 2018 –(– Future Now Detox is a proud provider of NAD treatment – Brain Restoration+ IV infusions. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in every cell of the body. Vital for every cellular reaction, low levels of NAD can lead to poor mental health, decreased cognitive awareness,… Continue reading Future Now Detox launches comprehensive addiction website

Florida’s opioid epidemic gets lost

In May of last year, Gov. Rick Scott declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. In December, with data showing fatal overdoses jumping 35 percent, the Surgeon General said it necessitated the reinstatement of the Office of Drug Control. In January, Attorney General Pam Bondi called for more funds from the Legislature. And today,… Continue reading Florida’s opioid epidemic gets lost

Santa Rosa Jail starts program to provide free Vivitrol shots

Six Santa Rosa County Jail inmates are going through pre-screening interviews to become the first in the facility to start Vivitrol treatment when they are released. Vivitrol is a drug that stops the user from feeling the high of alcohol and opioids, meaning if participants did lapse and use drugs while on the program, they… Continue reading Santa Rosa Jail starts program to provide free Vivitrol shots

Quick Response Team helping addicts

Lake County’s Quick Response Team is still in its infancy, but it’s making progress. That is the observation of Concord Township Fire Chief Matt Sabo about the pilot program between the Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Concord Township Fire Department and Perry Village Police… Continue reading Quick Response Team helping addicts

Kick-start addiction effort

The short sessions of the state Legislature in even-numbered years are intended, among other things, to allow legislators to deal with pressing business that can’t wait another year. House Bill 4137 qualifies under this definition by any measure. The bill, introduced by Rep. Tawna Sanchez, D-Portland, is an attempt to get the state government moving… Continue reading Kick-start addiction effort

State police seeks to connect addicts with treatment

The Kentucky State Police unveiled a program last week to help addicts find assistance from an unlikely source: the state police themselves. On Tuesday, the program was presented in more detail to local law enforcement agencies and health professionals at a meeting at Baptist Health Paducah. Called the Angel Initiative, the program calls on addicts… Continue reading State police seeks to connect addicts with treatment

Patients in drug treatment need counseling

State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff on Tuesday introduced a bill that would require every patient who’s receiving medication-assisted treatment for addiction to also go through counseling. The medication-assisted treatment uses drugs like Vivitrol, Suboxone, and methadone to curb the symptoms of opioid or alcohol withdrawal. “Providing counseling in conjunction with MAT is imperative for sustained, long-term… Continue reading Patients in drug treatment need counseling

Recovery house offers hope

ESCANABA — A new recovery house in Escanaba is offering a safe place for men to stay to overcome their alcohol and drug addictions by participating in a faith-based program proven to be 76 percent successful. “Our mission is to provide a safe housing environment based on mutual dignity and respect, promote well-being, and encourage… Continue reading Recovery house offers hope

Lock ‘em up

That’s been America’s approach to the problem of illegal drugs for decades. But is it working? Is it effective, both in stopping illegal drug use and getting addicts off drugs? The evidence would lead to the conclusion that we, as a society, should be open to new approaches to the problem of drug addiction. In… Continue reading Lock ‘em up

Osteoarthritis drug can be used for addiction treatment

A drug that failed to treat osteoarthritis pain could be used for opioid addiction treatment. Indiana University researchers found a compound, known as LY2828360, has the potential to prevent opioid addiction, reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms and be used in place of opioids to treat neuropathic pain. This compound could also be on the market relatively… Continue reading Osteoarthritis drug can be used for addiction treatment

Medication to treat the disease of addiction

The best headline for an article on buprenorphine should read: “Medication to treat the disease of addiction saves lives” rather than the one selected for the well informed piece written by Luanne Rife: “User deaths increasing from medication mix” (January 12 news story). Dr. Hughes Melton of Virginia’s Department of Health described the safety of… Continue reading Medication to treat the disease of addiction

Town hall outlines proposed treatment facility

A building in the 2500 block of Canyon Road might be the future site of a chemical dependency residential facility, according to a discussion at a town hall Thursday night in Bullhead City. The 5,000-square-foot location would house 16 beds and keep patients for up to 30 days, serving both Arizona Health Care Cost Containment… Continue reading Town hall outlines proposed treatment facility

Rehab Mogul raped women

A self-dubbed “Rehab Mogul” who operated more than 13 drug treatment centers in Southern California was convicted Monday of rape and drug dealing. In all, Christopher Bathum, 56, was found guilty of 31 criminal counts. A Los Angeles jury also found him not guilty on 12 similar counts and deadlocked on three others. Before he… Continue reading Rehab Mogul raped women

Wonder drug for alcohol use abuse

Baclofen has been used since the 1970s as an anti-spasticity drug. Alcohol dependence is also frequently treated with naltrexone. Baclofen offers a significant benefit over already approved medications: it is eliminated primarily in the urine. It is, therefore, possible to give baclofen to people suffering alcohol-related liver disease, a patient population with very high needs,… Continue reading Wonder drug for alcohol use abuse

Treating addiction in prison

A treatment program for opioid addiction launched by the Rhode Island Department of Corrections was associated with a significant drop in drug overdose deaths after inmates were released—and contributed to an overall drop in overdose deaths statewide, a new study finds. “We wanted to see if that intervention could impact statewide overdose mortality, and the… Continue reading Treating addiction in prison

App to fight drug addiction using blockchain technology

Research suggests that there are 240 million people worldwide who are dependent on alcohol, according to results published in the journal Addiction. Figures from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) show that around 29 million people suffer from drug use disorders. Yet, what if it was now possible for those suffering from… Continue reading App to fight drug addiction using blockchain technology

Drug addicted New Yorkers scammed out of thousands

Addiction expert Rob Kent described the rampant treatment fraud targeting New Yorkers as heartless and dangerous. In dealing with public complaints, Kent has heard stories of New York families mortgaging houses to pay for $30,000 out-of-state treatment, only to have the loved one return home still in the grips of drug addiction. Some tales end in… Continue reading Drug addicted New Yorkers scammed out of thousands

Relapse happens

Like any other chronic illness, addiction is a disease of remission and relapse. Addiction is often viewed as a moral issue. For example, it only takes one slip up and someone who has been sober for 10 years will be considered a failure. But addiction, like other diseases such as cancer and diabetes, is a disease… Continue reading Relapse happens

I first had to accept it

Accepting the reality of my addiction doesn’t mean I’m resigned to it. It means I let go of what’s outside my control. A few years before finally finding real sobriety and recovery, I made several attempts to stop using drugs and alcohol. During one struggle, mostly trying to save my failing marriage, I made a… Continue reading I first had to accept it

Opioid command center up and running

Three weeks into Gov. Tom Wolf’s declaration that the opioid crisis is a disaster emergency, a new Opioid Operations Command Center is up and running, and the administration is pushing for new legislation. “A lot of different agencies had a lot of different initiatives going on,” and now they’re “under one roof,” said Ray Barishansky,… Continue reading Opioid command center up and running

Marijuana and kratom to treat opioid addiction

Some people in recovery swear by the effectiveness of the drugs, but the FDA and many treatment experts say there is no credible evidence to support their use. Arron Veysey credits marijuana, kratom and Roxanne Gullikson with helping him quit an opioid habit that was ruining his life. “She basically saved my life,” said Veysey,… Continue reading Marijuana and kratom to treat opioid addiction

Immersion Recovery raises thousands

Immersion Recovery Center raised thousands for a Delray Beach Police Department program that supports individuals and families in crisis. Immersion Recovery Center, along with RECO Intensive, co-hosted the Annual Recovery Dodgeball Tournament, which drew more than 250 people, on Saturday, Jan. 13 at Pompey Park. “This particular event is one that we put on every… Continue reading Immersion Recovery raises thousands

Child death review recommends treatment

14 children whose cases had been reported to the Division of Child and Family Services died last year. Montana local government could help prevent child deaths by offering more treatment services for pregnant women and new mothers who are battling drug and alcohol addiction, a Department of Justice review recommended.The Office of the Child and… Continue reading Child death review recommends treatment

Triumphs over addiction

It spotlights the success of people in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and she’s had friends who were in it. The thing is only people who have been in recovery for at least three years are chosen. This is Royal’s year. “This year I made it in and I’m proud of that,” said… Continue reading Triumphs over addiction

$35,000 to support recovery programs

In the face of a growing opioid abuse epidemic, WellCare of Kentucky is donating $35,000 to support addiction recovery programs in Louisville and eastern Kentucky. WellCare of Kentucky, a subsidiary of WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (NYSE: WCG), is this week donating $10,000 to The Healing Place in Louisville and $25,000 to Addiction Recovery Care, (ARC)… Continue reading $35,000 to support recovery programs

Tennessee overdose deaths

Medication used to treat opioid addiction has now been blamed as a factor in dozens of overdose deaths in Tennessee. According to data released by the state health department, toxicology reports found buprenorphine played a role in 67 of the 1,600 overdose deaths in 2016. The drug in question comes in several varieties under brand… Continue reading Tennessee overdose deaths

Wheaton residents flood city with complaints

A Chicago nonprofit group faces backlash over plans to open a drug and alcohol treatment center in Wheaton, even as state and county officials throw support behind the facility they say would provide much-needed services in the fight against the opioid crisis. Hundreds of letters and emails have flooded the city’s planning department in advance… Continue reading Wheaton residents flood city with complaints

Treat pain

Seven years ago, Robert Kerley, who makes his living as a truck driver, was loading drywall when a gust of wind knocked him off the trailer. Kerley fell 14 feet and hurt his back. For pain, a series of doctors prescribed him a variety of opioids: Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin. In less than a year,… Continue reading Treat pain

Meth feeds

The Koochiching County Jail roster and the court sentences show the consequences of using or selling methamphetamine. What the community doesn’t see is the recovery of hundreds and hundreds of local people who no longer use alcohol, meth, heroin, and other drugs. We don’t celebrate recovery.  And we shame addiction, something that medical and psychology… Continue reading Meth feeds

A healing oasis In South Florida

A South Florida treatment center has quickly established a reputation as a pioneer in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. Q Health Palm Beach, the premiere treatment center based in South Palm Beach, Florida, was established with the intent of creating a positive, and thriving, recovery community, where those seeking treatment are equipped with… Continue reading A healing oasis In South Florida

Drug therapy could help beat meth

University of Florida neuroscientists have made what they describe as a significant finding that holds the potential to break the cycle of addiction for methamphetamine users. They say they have identified a novel way to use on-the-market medicines to preventively decrease the reward effects of methamphetamine on the brain. “Our data show that there are… Continue reading Drug therapy could help beat meth

Scams and crooks

Philip Ganong, his wife and their 34-year-old son built a fast-growing, multimillion-dollar empire on urine. They collected it from drug addicts at their chain of Southern California sober living homes. They created labs to test it. And they charged insurance companies to analyze it. But the success story was a scam, according to prosecutors, who… Continue reading Scams and crooks

Volunteers addiction and recovery stories

How can the island help those addicted to opiates find help? And how can it help those in recovery stay clean? The Opioid-Free Island Partnership and Healthy Acadia brought two men and one woman to the Island Community Center on December 4 to share their stories of addiction and recovery. Opiate-Free Island Partnership formed in… Continue reading Volunteers addiction and recovery stories

Workers struggling with addiction

Experts say new policies are compassionate, aid productivity. Businesses in New Hampshire are shifting their policies on how they deal with employees who fail drug tests. Instead of firing workers, businesses are increasingly becoming access points for confronting addiction and treating it. Employers said the policy changes are compassionate, but they’re also motivated by productivity and… Continue reading Workers struggling with addiction

Outbreak of fentanyl

It’s a menacing nightmare that killed more than 64,000 people in 2016 and has taken the lives of at least 4,000 Californians, with 130 deaths in the Bay Area since 2015. It’s the substance that’s behind most of the surging overdose deaths, and evidence suggests that the pandemic has continued to worsen in 2017. As… Continue reading Outbreak of fentanyl

Columbus money to fight opiate addiction

Columbus Public Health wants to start an outpatient medication-assisted treatment program next year to help people who are struggling with drug addiction as the city looks for ways to fight the opioid crisis that has ravaged the state. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther’s proposed budget for 2018 includes about $982,000 for programs meant to deal with… Continue reading Columbus money to fight opiate addiction

Hope to addicts

It’s a new program, and the first of its kind for a nonprofit in the United States, according to Pamlico Hope director Sherri Rettew in Bayboro. “To date, we’ve enrolled about 37,” she said. “Most are from Pamlico, but some are from Craven and Beaufort (County). Ninety-nine percent is for opioid addiction — 36 out… Continue reading Hope to addicts

Talk about drug addiction

Last Wednesday night, news that artist Lil Peep, whose full name is Gustav, had died of a Xanax overdose sent shockwaves throughout the hip-hop community. The 21-year-old rapper was found unresponsive in his tour bus in Tucson, Arizona,  before a scheduled show. Despite the attempts of first responders to save him, Gustav was pronounced dead… Continue reading Talk about drug addiction

Addicted doctors and nurses

It’s estimated roughly 10 percent of nurses in the U.S. have a dependency on drugs. Roughly 15 percent of doctors are considered addicted to drugs or alcohol. In Florida, the Professionals Resource Network (PRN) and the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) are state-contracted programs that help addicted practitioners and nurses get treatment while still being able to… Continue reading Addicted doctors and nurses

FDA chief warns about kratom

Citing 36 deaths, the Food and Drug Administration chief warned  consumers Tuesday not to use the herbal supplement kratom to ease opioid withdrawal and announce plans to step its regulatory oversight to combat the opioid epidemic. The FDA public health advisory on kratom follows the Drug Enforcement Administration’s reversal or at least delay of plans to classify kratom as a controlled substance… Continue reading FDA chief warns about kratom

Non-drug treatment for anxiety

Nexalin Technology is pleased to announce the initiation of clinical trials designed by the University of Pennsylvania to investigate the effectiveness of the Nexalin transcranial stimulation (TACS) for major depressive disorder. A subsidiary of Legacy Ventures International Inc. (OTC PINK: LGYV), Nexalin Technology is an FDA cleared medical device company that utilizes a safe, non-invasive,… Continue reading Non-drug treatment for anxiety

Family opioid antidote

Naloxone is an opioid antagonist derived from an opiate alkaloid called thebaine. It is also known by the brand name Narcan®. Naloxone blocks the pharmacological effects of opioid analgesics, and instantly brings on withdrawal. It returns a person who has taken an opioid to a state where opioid effects are not present. Naloxone rapidly reverses opioid overdose effects, including respiratory depression. Naloxone does not work for non-opioid related overdose.

It is happening more frequently — a relative is found nearly unconscious, succumbing to the effects of an opioid overdose. What do you do? In the coming weeks family members of those struggling with an opioid addiction will be able to administer the antidote to their loved ones while they wait for professional help to… Continue reading Family opioid antidote

Occasional AA meeting

Norrid and hundreds of other individuals ended up at the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program (D.A.R.P.) either because they were sent there by a court or went voluntarily for drug or alcohol treatment during probation. Instead of receiving counseling and addiction recovery services, however, they worked grueling hours for no pay, lived in inhumane conditions, and received little to no actual addiction treatment.

Repair the family

Too many Americans are dying deaths of despair, and their lack of a support system is a big part of the problem. I want to share with you an extraordinary chart, one that shows the immense cost of loneliness, brokenness, and despair. From Scott Winship, the director of Senator Mike Lee’s invaluable Social Capital Project,… Continue reading Repair the family

Business of treating sex addiction

To the last point, there is debate over whether the condition qualifies as an addiction. No reference to sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior appears in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), considered the definitive guide to mental health disorders. That makes diagnosing and treating it especially difficult—and makes it doubly challenging… Continue reading Business of treating sex addiction

Relapse by an addicted opioid user should be a crime

Julie Eldred is back at home in Massachusetts now. But she was sentenced to a treatment program for opioid addiction as part of a probation agreement, then sent to jail when she relapsed. Some addiction specialists say that’s unjust. Julie Eldred has been struggling with addiction to opioids for more than a decade and she… Continue reading Relapse by an addicted opioid user should be a crime

No problem for addicts using drugs in treatment

Addicts living in sober homes operated by Bradley Vercosa complained that sometimes there was no running water, electricity, sheets, bowls, or pillows but they stayed anyway because they paid no rent and were allowed to use drugs, according to a police report. Vercosa, 50, of Wellington, was one of six people arrested Thursday and charged with… Continue reading No problem for addicts using drugs in treatment

Solution to opioid addiction is medication-assisted treatment

There has been a lot of talk about opioid addiction in business and government circles, and the discussion is getting personal, too. If you’re like most people in Arizona and throughout the nation, you probably know someone whose life has been impacted by substance abuse. Perhaps a relative is addicted to heroin, a friend is… Continue reading Solution to opioid addiction is medication-assisted treatment

Once-a-month shot for opioid addiction

A once-a-month shot to treat opioid addiction was as effective in maintaining short-term abstinence from heroin and similar drugs as a more commonly prescribed daily treatment, according to a Norwegian study released Wednesday. The study is believed to be the first to directly compare Vivitrol — administered as a monthly shot — with a combination drug… Continue reading Once-a-month shot for opioid addiction

Uptick in drug abuse in seniors

Seniors are not typically an age group people think about when it comes to treatment for addiction. One Valley rehabilitation facility is seeing an uptick of senior citizens seeking treatment for alcoholism and addiction to prescription narcotics. “We’re getting one or two a week now, recently,” said David Larimer, program director of the Scottsdale Recovery… Continue reading Uptick in drug abuse in seniors

Lakeview Health seeks drug addiction patients

Lakeview Health Systems wants to develop short-term housing in Arlington for patients in treatment and therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. Lakeview proposes to own and operate the housing on almost 22 acres at 275 Aralia Lane, off of Arlington Road South behind the Harveys Supermarket. The site is wooded. A request for a zoning… Continue reading Lakeview Health seeks drug addiction patients

Therapy unlikely to help Harvey Weinstein

Fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly checked in to a US rehabilitation center that treats male sex addicts, but experts say such therapy is unlikely to help. English comic actor Russell Brand, golfer Tiger Woods, rocker Ozzy Osbourne and actor Michael Douglas are among the high-powered celebrities who have proclaimed they were battling sex… Continue reading Therapy unlikely to help Harvey Weinstein

She ran away with drugs and has a second chance

Hope Academy student Sophi Herrick, 16, talks about her experience coming to Hope Academy recovery school to work toward sobriety while completing her education, at the Fairbanks addiction treatment center in Indianapolis. Around 9 p.m. on a school night, idling outside of Warren Central High School, Daniel Herrick slowly realized his teenage daughter wasn’t going… Continue reading She ran away with drugs and has a second chance

Bills seek pain prescription limits

A bipartisan effort to combat the opioid epidemic is underway in Tallahassee with lawmakers having filed five bills that address the crisis from multiple fronts. Prescriptions – SB 458, filed by Sen. Aaron Beach, R-Jacksonville, would limit opioid prescriptions for temporary pain. The bill would allow a 30-day renewal of an opioid prescription after the… Continue reading Bills seek pain prescription limits

New York’s drug epidemic

The deadly lure of opioids is devastating communities across New York and the United States. Parents, neighbors, elected officials, doctors, and police are struggling to find a solution. In the Capital Region, police agencies have been lauded for progressive drug policies and lawmakers have sued prescription medication manufacturers. “The sad reality is that the opioid crisis hasn’t… Continue reading New York’s drug epidemic

Ogden church converted

Aiming to provide a more immersive treatment experience for people battling drug and alcohol addiction, a former Catholic church in Ogden has been converted into a rehabilitation center. Ryan West opened North Wasatch Recovery in the former St. Mary’s church about a year ago in order to provide continuous care aimed at helping people recover… Continue reading Ogden church converted

Alcohol therapy

Scientists in Ireland have shown how a drug that has been prescribed for 60 years to treat alcohol addiction can also resensitize treatment-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to chemotherapy. The drug, disulfiram—also known as Antabuse—blocks aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), which is a key enzyme involved in metabolizing alcohol, but is also involved in early stem cell… Continue reading Alcohol therapy

Portland improves Oregon’s addiction treatment

Nearly 1,000 shoes symbolizing lives lost to addiction were piled up at Portland rally Saturday (Submitted photo)

A pile of nearly 1,000 shoes was created Saturday in Portland’s Shemanski Park as a crowd of over 1,000 turned out to protest Oregon’s lack of support for addiction treatment and to launch a new advocacy campaign called Oregon Recovers. Each shoe had the name of an Oregonian lost to addiction on its sole scribbled by a… Continue reading Portland improves Oregon’s addiction treatment

Gene Discovery Lead to New Treatment

Understanding why recovering drug users relapse requires a host of complicated considerations. But a new study published today in Neuron reveals a previously unrecognized role for genetics, raising hopes of finding a medication to prevent relapse. Although drugs addiction, like any other behavior or environmental factor, cannot physically alter our DNA, it can alter the way that certain genes… Continue reading Gene Discovery Lead to New Treatment

There’s a drug that could help opioid addiction

Suboxone, the brand name of the medication Buprenorphine plus the overdose antidote, Naloxone, is an effective treatment that can help people addicted to opioids and save lives. But few doctors prescribe it. Last year in King County over three hundred died from overdoses, a record number. Hargrove is married, has four grandkids, and goes to… Continue reading There’s a drug that could help opioid addiction

At Swift River, high-end drug treatment cannot be for everyone

Without spending a penny, Carla Hiers kicked a lifelong heroin habit at an upscale Cummington detox center. But not everyone struggling with addiction can afford to get treatment at places like Swift River, raising questions about the rush to open for-profit treatment centers during a fast-growing nationwide opioid crisis. At what was once the Swift… Continue reading At Swift River, high-end drug treatment cannot be for everyone

New treatment centers wants to revolutionize rebab

Could restaurant-quality food and fancy gym memberships have a role to play in preventing relapses? The dining room at the front of the six-story former paint factory in the trendy Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood of DUMBO is well-lit; light pours in through high windows that line the top of the room. The tables are round, and… Continue reading New treatment centers wants to revolutionize rebab

FDA approves reset app to help treat addiction

The FDA exercises an important role in American medicine, regulating new drugs and devices to ensure patient safety. Now, for the first time, they are adding mobile apps to that list. An app called Reset, developed by Pear Therapeutics is intended to be used in conjunction with outpatient therapy to help treat substance use disorders.… Continue reading FDA approves reset app to help treat addiction

Can weight loss drugs combat cocaine addiction?

Boston Medical Center’s (BMC) psychiatry team is studying a drug called lorcaserin, which targets the brain’s serotonin receptors and could help reduce cocaine cravings as well as dampen the rewards associated with taking cocaine. Research with lorcaserin, and other medications that have similar effects on serotonin receptors in the brain, suggest that it may help… Continue reading Can weight loss drugs combat cocaine addiction?

Rutgers becomes national model for helping student addicts in recovery

Two students sit on the front porch at one of the three "sober dorms" for student addicts in recovery at Rutgers University’s campus in New Brunswick. (Danielle Fox for WHYY)

When you think of college dorms, rowdy parties, red Solo cups, and the thick stench of pot might come to mind. But for student addicts in recovery, the often easy access to drugs and alcohol can be challenging. As the opioid crisis has intensified in the U.S., more colleges and universities have been turning to… Continue reading Rutgers becomes national model for helping student addicts in recovery

How heroin destroyed an Alabama drug counselor

A picture of April Carpri, a former drug counselor, before she starting using heroin

When they found out she would be buried at 10 a.m., April Carpri’s friends quickly made a memorial to place at the head of her grave. A basic black frame contained a wallet-sized photo of the former social worker surrounded by tributes to her counseling skills. The three women at the gravesite all worked with… Continue reading How heroin destroyed an Alabama drug counselor

Can you drum away your drug addiction?

Can you drum away your drug addiction?

For those who thought recovery is just about treatment, medication, and 12-step programs, the 2017 Ohio Recovery Conference was an eye-opener. The 1,000 people who attended the two-day, statewide conference discovered recovery from addiction, mental illness, and development disabilities is also about art, writing, photography, yoga, Reiki, and drumming. Yes, drumming. Those recovery techniques and… Continue reading Can you drum away your drug addiction?

Hurricanes drive addiction issues into public square

Julie Boon, director of Eudaimonia Recovery Homes poses for a photograph at one of her facility damaged by Hurricane Harvey on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, in Houston. In the aftermath of flooded Houston, Julie Boon oversaw repairs at a sober-living home while giving advice to residents based on her own 30 years of sobriety. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

In the whirr of preparations for Hurricane Irma, a needle exchange program in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood handed out extra syringes to heroin users. Others trying to break from the drug’s grasp picked up advance medication from methadone clinics. Disasters cause stress, and stress can cause relapse for people struggling with addiction, whether their problem is… Continue reading Hurricanes drive addiction issues into public square