Hawaii Has A Meth Problem That Needs Attention – Now

Opioid abuse is serious, but we can’t let it distract us from the need for new initiatives to combat by far the most tenacious drug problem in the islands. You wouldn’t think we’d ever lose track of a scourge as devastating and prevalent as methamphetamine abuse. After all, meth-related problems are still filling up our emergency rooms, and it’s the most common substance used in Hawaii by people admitted to substance abuse treatment centers. Meth use hasn’t diminished, but our awareness of it has. If we’re serious about addressing issues [...]

Addiction Is a Workforce Issue

Every day, an average of 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. The economic impact of prescription opioid abuse alone was a staggering $179.4 billion in 2018, according to a recent report by the Society of Actuaries. That includes $72.6 billion in mortality costs, $60.4 billion in health care costs, $26.5 billion in lost productivity, and $10.9 billion in criminal justice system costs. Clearly, the opioid addiction crisis is too large for any one entity or sector to combat alone—it impacts every segment of society. So, [...]

We can’t punish addiction out of someone

  As the police chief of Newtown in Hamilton County, a police officer for over 20 years, and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I’ve dedicated my life to serving my community and country. I know the addiction epidemic in our state is one of the most critical and complex public health and social issues of our time. After seeing an entire family die from addiction, an entire generation of brothers lost and grandparents raising the kids left behind, I have realized that what we have done in [...]

Addiction fueling rising numbers of child neglect

COLORADO SPRINGS — News5 Investigates has learned you will not find a county in the State of Colorado that handles more reports of child abuse and neglect than El Paso County. Child welfare officials say you combine that with countywide substance abuse issues and it becomes a crisis. The Department of Human Services in El Paso County showed News5 the numbers. By year end more than 16,500 calls will come into their office as reports of child abuse and neglect. Already this year at least 859 children have been removed [...]

The opioid epidemic is finally a national emergency – eight years too late

(THE CONVERSATION) “It has been many long, hard, agonizing battles for the last few years and you fought like a warrior every step of the way. Addiction, however, won the war. To the person who doesn’t understand addiction, she is just another statistic who chose to make a bad decision.” Despite working nearly two decades as an addiction scientist, I cannot read Kelsey Grace Endicott’s mother’s eulogy without crying. The opioid epidemic has turned those who lost their lives to addiction into statistics, while leaving their families in sorrow. Overdose [...]

How to Justify Needing a Treatment Program

Many options are available when selecting a treatment program. The ultimate goal of drug and alcohol abuse treatment is to stop the abuse and allow people to lead active, productive lives, reuniting them with family, and re-integrating them into the workplace and community. One of the major challenges is keeping patients in treatment long enough to learn the methods how to overcome the obstacles that block them from recovery. This is why it is critical to find the right treatment to match each person’s specific needs. Drug and alcohol abuse [...]

Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes More Likely to Smoke Real Cigarettes

Teenagers who use flavored e-cigarettes are more likely to keep vaping, a study has found. A total of 478 vaping teenagers who attended 10 schools in the Los Angeles County area took part in the study. Researchers checked in with the participants every six months, between the 10th grade in spring 2015 until 12th grade in 2017. Around 90 percent of the adolescents used flavored oil—like fruit, candy, sweet, dessert and buttery— as opposed to traditional cigarette flavours such as tobacco or menthol. Of those who used the alternative flavors, [...]

Living Clean and Sober Does Not Have to be Boring

Eleven Activities to Choose From So You Won't Be Bored: Many people in recovery from substance abuse who are contemplating getting clean and sober and changing their lifestyle are often in fear of what their life will be like afterwards. Usually the rush people get from drinking and using becomes just as addicting as using. It becomes part of the lifestyle for most and the fear of not being able to find something to do after one gets clean and sober can be a serious concern. There are many activities [...]

Go Sober – Give Your Life a Second Chance

Life is so precious as we all know. But, through our lives some of us tend to go down the wrong path, leading us to somewhere we find very hard to get back from. We don't head down this path on purpose, it just happens. Addictions sneak up on us very slowly, and sooner or later the addiction grabs us and takes control of our lives. If this has happened to you, then what we need to do is to take a good look at ourselves and try to figure out [...]

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