Boxing gym gives Daybreak teens a safe space

Life has already delivered a few body blows to the teenage girls living at Daybreak Youth Services.

On a hot Wednesday afternoon at the Spokane Boxing Gym, they got a chance to fight back.

Owner Rick Welliver provided the setting and the inspiration, and the girls did the rest.

Sometimes the best way to battle your demons is to strap on a pair of gloves.

Destiny Moore arrived here 45 days ago from Olympia, sent by her probation officer in a last-ditch effort to treat her addiction to marijuana.

“I’m trying to find myself, and this feels good, to help me let my anger out and not on another person,” Moore said with a smile.

Getting clean and sober is the main goal at Daybreak, a lockdown facility. The days are long and filled with meetings, and introspection only goes so far.