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Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is a very pure, smokeable form of methamphetamine. It is a powerful and extremely addictive man-made stimulant. Its use can lead to severe physiological and psychological dependence.

What does Crystal Meth look like?

Clear crystal chunks, similar in appearance to actual ice or glass. Crystal Meth is odorless and colorless.

How is Crystal Meth used?

Crystal Meth is usually smoked but is sometimes snorted or injected. The drug is abused because of its euphoric effects.

What are Crystal Meths’ short-term effects?

The drug’s effects are similar to those of cocaine but longer-lasting. Crystal Meth can cause erratic, violent behavior among its users. Effects include suppressed appetite, interference with sleeping behavior, mood swings and unpredictability, tremors and convulsions, increased blood pressure, irregular heart rate. Users may also experience homicidal or suicidal thoughts, prolonged anxiety, paranoia and insomnia. Crystal meth use by pregnant women can lead to premature birth or birth defects, including heart defects and cleft palate.

What are Crystal Meths’ long-term effects?

Long-term effects of Crystal Meth use can include brain damage (similar to the effects of Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease), coma, stroke or death. Chronic users may also develop distinct physical symptoms, as demonstrated by before and after pictures in the Faces of Meth™ program. Signs of chronic use include weight loss, tooth decay and cracked teeth (“Meth Mouth”), psychosis and hallucinations, sores on the body from picking at skin, and formication (an abnormal skin sensation akin to “bugs crawling on skin”).

What is its federal classification?

Schedule II

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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