How to Live a Sober Life

sober living

For the true alcoholic, this is a mind-bending question; an almost unreachable proposition. People who are trapped in a cycle of addiction find it extremely difficult to visualize a sober life. They might start to envision such a life, but the illusion immediately breaks down for them, because they know that they would not be happy living that way.

So they try to rearrange their vision and find some way to make it work, but they cannot. The fear of facing life sober is too great, so they continue to drink. Even if an alcoholic is basically miserable, they picture a life of sobriety to be far worse, and they cannot imagine themselves ever being truly happy without being drunk.

So there are really two issues here: one is how to live a sober life, and the other is how to even go about getting there.

Living a sober life

This actually has very little to do with the idea of not drinking. Of course, if you are living a sober life, you’re not going to be drinking. But for the true alcoholic, how can this ever be sustainable if they are miserable while gritting their teeth in order to avoid alcohol at any cost? Of course, it is not sustainable, as most alcoholics will return to the bottle before they reach a suicidal level of desperation. And please understand that for a true alcoholic, suicidal desperation can be a very real thing.

Alcoholics are passionate people. They love to drink and it really does flip that special switch for them and it truly electrifies their life. The problem is that it eventually quits working as their tolerance increases and it becomes impossible to “get happy” anymore. Because they are passionate people, they need a passionate solution for recovery. If you simply strip away the booze and the drugs then an alcoholic is left with a hollow shell of life; they cannot elicit any passion or excitement about themselves without returning to the bottle.

Because of this level of passion, it stands to reason that any alcoholic who is living a sober life must live it with passion. This is the solution. Not behavior modification or counseling on Tuesdays and Thursdays or even 12 step programs.

Find a sober living home

Try living in a sober living home. As this will probably be your first time staying at a home for sober living in Southern California, you might be wondering what items and materials you should bring with you. Because you’ll be staying in a specialized environment, there are certain items that are permissible and some of course, which are not. You will find the details explaining exactly what you should bring for your stay with us, along with those items or materials which are not permissible.