Living Clean and Sober Does Not Have to be Boring

Eleven Activities to Choose From So You Won’t Be Bored:

Many people in recovery from substance abuse who are contemplating getting clean and sober and changing their lifestyle are often in fear of what their life will be like afterwards. Usually the rush people get from drinking and using becomes just as addicting as using. It becomes part of the lifestyle for most and the fear of not being able to find something to do after one gets clean and sober can be a serious concern. There are many activities that can be exciting and fun.

  • Go hiking: Let that adventurous part of you come out and enjoy a scenic hike with friends. It’s not only a healthy activity, It’s also a great way to socialize.
  • Go skydiving: You’ve been talking about it for years. Now that you’re sober you can safely do it.
  • Go surfing: Catch some waves, you’ve thought about it for years, now make it a reality. It’s great exercise.
  • Go skiing or snowboarding: Enjoy the winter you don’t need to stay cooped up wishing for warmer weather.
  • Run a marathon: Now’s your chance to sign up and start your training, it’s never too late.
  • Volunteer: There are many opportunities in most communities and it’s a great way to give back to your community.
  • Enroll in school: It’s never too late to further your education.
  • Apply for that new job: See yourself in your new job and take action steps towards that goal.
  • Join a sports league: Check out your 12-Step Intergroup office for information on bowling and baseball leagues.
  • Take that Hot Air Balloon ride: You’ve seen the brochures, now you have the money to do it.
  • Go cart racing: It’s a lot of fun, exciting, and can be found in many areas.

Now that you’re clean, sober and perhaps saving some money, you may now have the time and resources to do some of the fun things on this list that you’ve been contemplating. Think about it, you are no longer wasting time, energy and money on that hangover/overdose, that hospital stay, or paying that fine. Best of all, you will be doing something fun to broaden your horizons.