New Kensington clinic offering medication-assisted addiction treatment

New Kensington’s Community Health Clinic is now providing medication-assisted treatment for men and women suffering from substance abuse.

The treatment uses FDA-approved medications such as Suboxone and Vivitrol, which decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, along with counseling and behavioral therapies.

“While these medications do not cure opioid addiction, they can assist in the development of healthy and effective skills to be free and rid of opioids entirely,” the Community Health Clinic said in its July newsletter.

Those in the program will be under close supervision and expected to follow medical advice from clinic staffers, the newsletter said. Patients will be required to undergo additional treatment and recovery support such as drug and alcohol counseling and attend meetings regularly.

The program is available to all community members. The cost and duration of program will vary, but patients can expect to be seen an average of 30 times a year, the newsletter said.