No insurance – Get professional addiction treatment help

How to get professional addiction treatment without an insurance
business? People that abuse illicit drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol face many obstacles when they try to quit and fight addiction.

That’s because illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications have a damaging influence on their bodies. Drug addiction is a problem with negative psychological, social and physical health effects.

Attempts to quit abusing drugs and fight addiction are faced with dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Since some withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening, people that want to fight addiction have to find ways to get detoxification treatment. This treatment is aimed at helping them make safe and effective transition to a drug-free life. However, there are barriers that they face when they try to access this treatment.

Lack of health insurance is a common barrier among people that want to end addiction. Without health insurance coverage, some individuals are unable to access professional treatment. This makes them take riskier options. If you or a loved one doesn’t have health insurance, you may want to know how to get into rehab without insurance.

Ways to Get Professional Addiction Treatment without Insurance

Basically, the availability of professional addiction treatment without insurance depends on several factors. One of the factors that determine whether you can be treated for addiction without insurance is your location. As such, the first step is to seek information regarding the options that you have.

But though there are substance abuse services for the uninsured, the treatment type received affects the cost. It’s therefore crucial that you explore the options that you have first. Some rehab centers offer executive and luxury programs. These are expensive and some people may not afford them without insurance. However, there are centers that offer standard programs that some people can afford without insurance.

If you or a loved one wants to undergo treatment for addiction without insurance, here are some of the ways to consider.


This is one of the best options for individuals that need immediate treatment for addiction but they do not have cash or a means to save in order to pay for treatment. When addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s difficult to stick to a job and be sufficiently responsible to save.

Financing enables you to get help for addiction without insurance then pay later. Basically, the full amount that is required for addiction treatment is sent to the rehab center directly from the bank. You get a repayment plan that fits your budget upon completing your treatment.

Unless a family member takes out the loan for you, the first payment for the loan won’t be due till you complete your addiction treatment. There are also plans that allow patients a grace period of 6 months to get a job and settle down before they start paying the loan.

Subsidized Coverage

Some people can’t afford premiums for health insurance due to their low incomes. Thus, recovering from drug addiction by getting treatment covered by health insurance is impossible for such people. Subsidized coverage is a plan that covers treatment for such people while reducing premiums via financial assistance. This plan is ideal for people of low socioeconomic status that want to get substance addiction treatment.


Borrowing money from family and friends is another way to get drug and alcohol rehab without insurance. Naturally, you can be hesitant to borrow money from friends and family to finance treatment for addiction. However, friends and family members are mostly willing to help their loved one fight addiction in any way they can. Therefore, try to send friends and family members personal emails. Explain your story to them and why you want to undergo treatment for addiction.

Raising Money

Once you’ve decided to fight addiction in all ways possible, you can even raise money to fund addiction treatment. For instance, you can sell personal belongings or items that you can do without and buy later after undergoing treatment and getting a job. You can also ask people to give you cash donations. You can hold an organized campaign or use platforms like crowd-funding.

Personal Savings

This might look challenging but nothing is impossible with determination. When suffering from addiction, you mostly use most of your earnings to buy the addictive substance. That means you may not have enough savings or even manage to save. However, you can start saving the moment you decide to undergo treatment. Once you commit to fighting addiction and making a positive change in your life, you will realize that you can save money that you can use to fund your treatment.

Sliding Scale

Many people are of the view that there is no rehab for people with no insurance. However, this is not entirely true. There are addiction treatment centers that are run by people that understand the fact that financing treatment and recovery fully is not possible for everyone. As such, they are ready to work with patients to establish custom costs that are based on what they can realistically afford. These centers consider the financial status and income of the patients. Essentially, the centers are designed to help and encourage people of low socioeconomic status to access addiction treatment.

Grants and Scholarships

Organizations like Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offer grants that help individuals fund treatment for drug and alcohol addiction without insurance. These grants and scholarships are meant for people that are struggling to pay for addiction treatment. But, before you apply for these grants or scholarships, read the requirements set by the organization to determine if you are a qualified applicant.

Additionally, contact the addiction treatment facilities that you may want to join in your area. Find out if they have scholarships that you can apply for if you don’t have health insurance to cover your addiction treatment.

Basically, there are many addiction treatment financing strategies and options to consider if you don’t have insurance. It’s important to note that even when you have health insurance, it may not cover all aspects of professional addiction treatment. Thus, even health insurance can have a limited scope. When you know strategies and options that you can use to pay for addiction treatment without insurance, you get the most from your time in the treatment facility.