Sober Bar for Recovering Addicts

sober coffee shop

Three former addicts who started the Spiritual Soldier’s Coffee Compound on Erie Street are proving life in recovery without alcohol or drugs doesn’t have to be mundane and isolating.

“The three of us were kind of hanging out every single day and people were asking us through social media … they were saying things like ‘Are you sure you guys are sober?’ because we were having so much fun,” said 24-year-old recovered opioid addict Bianca Oliverio.
“We thought to ourselves, ‘What if we could create a space where everyone could feel the way that we’re feeling, to have fun in recovery?’”
“We have the ability to watch people come back to life.”
The Place Sober Living is a safe place for MEN who want to remain sober and be successful moving forward. Close to everything. Bed available. Must be sober. Must be free of mind/behavioral altering medications of any kind. Cable TV, Internet, Washer/Dryer and Electric included. $250.00 per week. Call Bill L. @ 949-637-3538