Outpatient Rehab In Santa Clarita Encourages Those Struggling During The Holidays

Living Sober

“As we get into the holiday season here, that can be more prevalent in people’s lives,” said Program Director Bob Sharits. “A lot of people get depressed around the holidays. Please don’t sit in your uncomfortability and your mental health issues or substance abuse issues by yourself. Reach out to someone. Ask for help.”

In addition to depression, anxiety is another common mental health issue people often struggle with around the holidays.

“The more we get into the holidays, with family coming in and shopping to be done and schedules to meet and people to attend to and all this different stuff, if we’re not careful and paying attention to ourselves and those around us, we can get ourselves really frantic,” Sharits said.

Regardless of what a person might be experiencing, Sharits encouraged anyone struggling with mental health or substance use issues to take that first step toward recovery by asking for help.

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