Recovery Housing Sober Living

Wendy Williams’ candid revelation that she’s been living in a sober house has many people asking if their own communities have such facilities for people seeking treatment for addiction. The short answer is there are a couple, but for men. The longer answer has to do with recovery housing which many say is the key to successful recovery from substance abuse and still, the area needs more of it.

It’s one thing to detox for a couple of weeks from drugs or alcohol, but another thing entirely to learn to live sober and successfully.

By the time you’re injecting intravenous drugs, you have probably lost everything. There’s an assumption that if you’re living there you’re going to stay sober. But there’s no a ton of accountability.

Recovery housing allows for us to transport them back and forth to group therapy to make sure they get there.

It has somebody on-site to make sure that they’re taking their medications. It’s a gradual integration into adulthood vs. Ok you’re in treatment, here you go, go be a grown-up, fly your wings. It’s just not successful that way.

The problem is, many will say locally, we don’t have enough housing for people trying to recover from addiction. Myrin New of The Place Sober Living says “If we had a place for 500 people it would probably be full, which is both good and bad.” It’s a lifestyle and the more you’re engrossed in that lifestyle with yourself and are around like-minded peers, the better results are going to come from that.