Sober Activities

Living Sober

Take up a new hobby. What interests you? Indoor or outdoor sports, yoga, camping, sewing, knitting, pottery, photography, scrapbooking, painting, music, dancing, cooking, baking, writing, or travel. Even try some that don’t interest you, you never know, you might find something you like or look at it differently now that you’re sober.

Find a hobby you like and get good at it. Once you find something you love, push yourself to be the best you can be at it. Enter competitions or try making money from your hobby. Setting goals to work towards and continually challenging yourself will help keep you motivated.

Now that I’m sober what can I do?

Get an adrenaline rush from something that scares you. If you use to drink or do drugs, you probably liked the adrenaline rush you got from it. Try achieving that feeling naturally. Many of us have a fear of public speaking; why not join a toastmasters group? Afraid of heights? Go bungee jumping or go on rides at the amusement park. Keep your life interesting by trying new things and continually growing.

Explore where you live. Get to know a different side of your city. If you use to hang out in clubs and bars, you were missing out on a good portion of what your town has to offer. Go for walks in new neighborhoods, try different restaurants, check out local shops, or attend local events.

Sober life is rewarding.

Get involved in your community. Find out what’s going on in your neighborhood and how you can get involved. Maybe there’s an issue in your community you can help with or an event such as a community BBQ or breakfast where you can meet new people.

Volunteer. Is there an issue going on that you’re passionate about? Volunteer your time to help raise awareness about the subject and help get more people involved. Maybe it’s reducing alcohol and drug abuse among teens or helping animals. Figure out what you’re passionate about and lend a hand.