13 Things To Do That Makes Sober Living Not Boring

Here are 13 interesting things to do so you won’t be bored in sober living.

  1. Go skydiving: You’ve been talking about it for years. Now that you’re sober you can safely do it.
  2. Go surfing: Ride those waves, you’ve done it in your dreams, now make it a reality.
  3. Go snowboarding: Enjoy those winters; you don’t need to stay cooped up wishing for warmer weather.
  4. Go hiking: Let that adventurous part of you come out and enjoy a scenic hike with friends.
  5. Join that marathon: Now’s your chance to sign up and start your training, there’s still time.
  6. Become a lifeguard: Help keep an eye on those precious lives so they may enjoy another day.
  7. Save for that new car: Now that you can manage your money better, plan to buy that new car.
  8. Apply for that new job: See yourself in your new job and take action steps towards that goal.
  9. Ask for that promotion: You’ve earned that promotion, now build up that courage and ask.
  10. Join a league: Check out the 12-Step Intergroup office for information on bowling and baseball leagues.
  11. Become your own landscaper: It’s your yard, create that design you got in your old papers.
  12. Take that computer graphic design course: You’ve put it off long enough, now’s the time to get in there.
  13. Take that Hot Air Balloon Ride: You’ve seen the brochures, now you have time and money.

Now that you’re sober and saving tons of money, you now have the time and resources to do some of the fun things on this list that you’ve been putting off. Think about it, you are no longer wasting time, energy, and money on that hangover/overdose, that hospital stay, or paying that fine. Best of all, you will not make a fool of yourself in front of others and you will remember everything you said and did.

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