What is a Sober Living Environment?


In alcohol and drug recovery, a Sober Living Environment is referred to as an SLE. The SLE is what could be called the middle ground in your path to recovery. Living at an SLE can be like a family in many ways. You are responsible to take care of yourself.

If you are willing, to ask those who work at these houses to help you gather the information you may need, your journey in recovery will be more rewarding, and have a better chance of success. The SLE is where you get the chance to change your life.

SLE is the middle ground between freedom and safety.
No one could protect you from yourself in the past. You may have just gotten out of a residential rehab facility. After 28 days or longer, very few are ready to restart a new life just yet.

The same world you were in before is still out there. Its not always easy to know if what we are doing is the best thing to do at any given time.

Talking to a friend, housemate, or staff member will always help you better understand what you may be feeling.

An SLE house will give you the time to understand and assimilate what life is going to be like.

You now know something in you wants to make a change. In an SLE you do not need to go through this life-changing experience alone.