Sober living for men means living a new life

Men residents live in The Place Sober Living for a minimum of one month. Some stay upwards of a year or more, giving all the ability to interact with peers in a variety of stages of recovery.

Change Your Thinking
No matter how good you feel after getting sober, addiction lurks. Intensive participation in aftercare for at least one year is one of the best indicators of long-term sobriety. Surround yourself with opportunities to integrate a better you into your everyday life. Participation in a sober community is one of the best ways to reset your world free of addictive behaviors.

Join the sober world
People who relapse often die from medical problems, suicide, overdose, or accidents. Many who do not die end up incarcerated or face serious mental health issues. Avoiding relapse involves untraining old habits, learning better ways to cope with feelings, and managing situations and triggers that lead to using. There is no better place to transform an addict than a positive sober community like The Place Sober Living