Sober Living is a Must for Long Term Success

Many alcoholism rehab programs are limited to 28 days of treatment. Long-term rehab, usually takes place in a residential environment over a period of 6 to 12 months, known as sober living.

This residential environment is often referred to as a therapeutic community since clients live in a communal setting.  A therapeutic community provides an increasing degree of accountability and personal freedom that allows clients to slowly transition back to life in the real world.  In 28-day programs, clients are restricted until they are released, making the return to everyday living much more difficult.

Many people have tried short-term rehab several times, only to relapse and return to drinking.  Instead of repeating a process that has failed in the past, they should consider entering a long-term sober living environment.  Immersion in a therapeutic community will help the recovering person change unhealthy habits, create a positive self-image and learn how to avoid the triggers that can lead to relapse.

The Place Sober Living is a safe place for MEN who want to remain sober and be successful moving forward. Close to everything. Bed available. Must be sober. Must be free of mind/behavioral altering medications of any kind. Cable TV, Internet, Washer/Dryer and Electric included.