Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes More Likely to Smoke Real Cigarettes

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Teenagers who use flavored e-cigarettes are more likely to keep vaping, a study has found. A total of 478 vaping teenagers who attended 10 schools in the Los Angeles County area took part in the study. Researchers checked in with the participants every six months, between the 10th grade in spring 2015 until 12th grade in 2017.

Around 90 percent of the adolescents used flavored oil—like fruit, candy, sweet, dessert and buttery— as opposed to traditional cigarette flavors such as tobacco or menthol.

Of those who used the alternative flavors, 64.3 percent were still vaping six months later. That was compared with 42.9 percent of those who opted for traditional flavors.

Teens who used flavors vaped more heavily after six months and reported puffing more during each session. However, the team found the taste didn’t seem to affect how many days the participants vaped, or when.

Co-author Professor Adam Leventhal, director of the University of Southern California Institute for Addiction Science, commented in a statement: “While many children try e-cigarettes, not all become regular users. Teens who use e-cigarettes may be more inclined to continue vaping rather than just temporarily experiment with e-cigs.

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